San Marcos Tennis Lessons
7Nov 2014
Nov 7, 2014

Tennis lessons for kids: When to start playing tennis

Tennis Lessons for Kids


We get asked a lot by parents, “When is it the right time for a kid to start playing tennis?” And the answer is, “4”. That’s right, 4! We have found that four year olds have the ability to do […]

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La Jolla Tennis Lessons
28Oct 2014
Oct 28, 2014

Tennis Lessons for beginners : Technique and ways to practice

Tennis Lessons for beginners


At San Diego Tennis Lessons we focus on our favorite kind of students: tennis lessons for beginners. We know that all the kids and adults that want to develop into solid players must learn the game first […]

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Escondido Tennis Lessons
24Oct 2014
Oct 24, 2014

Tennis Lessons: A progressive learning approach for beginners

San Diego Tennis Lessons presents… A progressive learning approach for beginners


At San Diego Tennis Lessons, we like to teach our students using progressions. If your a parent or a weekend warrior and like to work on your game this article will be […]

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Solana Beach Tennis Lessons
16Oct 2014
Oct 16, 2014

San Diego Tennis Lessons presents….. Preventing tennis elbow

San Diego Tennis Lessons presents….. Preventing tennis elbow

Have you ever felt pain in your elbow from playing tennis? I think all of us can answer “yes” at some point in time! Here at San Diego Tennis Lessons, we want to inform […]

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