Need tennis lessons in Carlsbad? You have come to the right place! Our tennis instructors in Carlsbad are armed and ready to give you your first lesson! After a brief initial phone consultation with our team, we will help arrange the selection of your instructor and the choose the location of your lesson. Often times the student will come to our tennis court locations, however our instructors can travel to your courts as well. Our instructors are available 7 days a week for Carlsbad tennis lessons. Carlsbad is filled with several tennis players. We would love to work with you and improve your game so you can play tennis with other people in your community. Give us a call and let’s do this!


Carlsbad Tennis Lessons Checklist….Things to do before your lesson!

  1. Stretch– before you hit that first ball, we recommend going through dynamic stretches to warm up. If your not familiar with dynamic stretching our coaches at Carlsbad tennis lessons will show you all the latest and greatest stretching techniques to warm your body up for your lesson. Stretching is imperative whether you’re a novice or advance player. The main reason behind stretching is preventing injury.
  2. Hand eye coordination– after you stretch you should focus on doing 5-10 minutes of hand eye coordination drills. Doing these drills will help train your eyes and brain which is imperative as tennis requires a lot of focus and concentration. One basic drill you can is toss the tennis ball back in forth with a partner or against a wall. Focus on catching the ball with two hands and then switch to one hand.
  3. Footwork– after you have stretch and finished your hand eye coordination drills, the last thing you want to do is practice your footwork. A few drills you can do is jump rope, shuffle side to side from the net to the fence and jump side to side across the baseline. Practicing your footwork is imperative because tennis requires a lot of movement and agility.


Success story from Carlsbad Tennis Lessons

Recently we were hired to conduct Carlsbad tennis lessons for a 13 year old student. She had never played any sports before let alone tennis! She also was a girl with very low self-esteem, because she never excelled at anything. So the first thing we tried to do with her was improve her athleticism and balance. We worked on that for several weeks and also incorporated several hand eye coordination drills. After she had mastered these drills, we introduced technique and worked on her swing. While our coach was teaching the technique he would always keep the lesson light and full of laughs and fun. We noticed a big change in her and she started to open up and starting getting really confident in herself. We found that not only did her tennis improve, but her self-esteem improved tremendously!


Yelp Review from one of students from Carlsbad Tennis Lessons

“While they are many choices for tennis lessons in Carlsbad, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with this company.  I have had the privilege of being their coaches on and off the court and I am always impressed by the positive effect they have on people.  They have experience with players of all ages and skill level.  While they are good teachers, they are also very good players if you are ever up for the challenge!” -David