We currently offer Carmel Valley tennis lessons to players of all ages and abilities. Carmel Valley tennis lessons focuses on drills such as agility, balance, hand eye coordination, technique and fitness. Most tennis instructors will focus on technique and how to hit the ball. We believe that’s part of it, but we expand on that principle and include fitness into our lessons. We believe a fit tennis player, will be sharp mentally and physically and will be handle any coaching we provide. We pride ourselves on making lessons effective, interactive and most importantly fun! Carmel Valley is a unique area in that it has several tennis clubs to choose from. Most of these clubs are very expensive and it make hard to afford lessons. At Carmel Valley tennis lessons we make lessons affordable for people who don’t have club memberships. Ask us about our discounted lesson packages and we can get you started today!

Carmel Valley Tennis Lessons Incorporate Fitness into your lessons

We believe that fitness is a very important aspect of tennis and to living a healthy lifestyle in general. We believe a player who is fit mentally and physically, will be able to retain information better, be a better listener, last longer in drills and be able to practice longer. With that said, there are 3 fitness tips we want to share with you to make sure you’re fit and ready to go for your first lesson!

  1. Agility– improving your agility is a very important skill to develop because tennis requires a lot of movement. Movement drills that should be practiced are side to side shuffling, sprints and backpedaling. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not athletic or agile at first. This is something you can improve on with practice.
  2. Footwork– think of tennis like a “dancer”. You must take small steps and have the footwork of a dancer, in order to excel. Doing footwork drills such as setting up cones, and moving around them, will really help your footwork. During your lessons our coaches will be able to provide you with countless drills to improve in this area.
  3. Conditioning– when your agility and footwork has improved, the next step is incorporating more conditioning. One way to improve your conditioning is practice running the mile. Time yourself, and then practice and try to beat your time every week. Also try running up stadium stairs. This is a great workout because you work on your glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings, the most important muscles for a tennis player.


Yelp Review for Camel Valley Tennis Lessons

“I enrolled my 6-year-old son at one of Carmel Valley tennis lessons children clinics and I was very pleased with the outcome. I watched the coach interact and coach the kids with fun games and tennis drills that looked like great exercise. My son looked like he was having a blast, and on the drive home he said, “The coach was so cool Mom!” I would highly recommend hiring them if you have a child who wants to learn how to play tennis and have fun at the same time!” -Jessica