At Chula Vista tennis lessons we provide tennis lessons that are affordable, instructional and fun! Not only that, but our lessons include fitness, cardiovascular work as well. Our instructors at Chula Vista tennis lessons will show you how to properly hit the perfect forehand, backhand, volley and serve. We believe at Chula Vista tennis lessons that the forehand and backhand are the two most important shots in tennis. Forehand and backhand are the two shots you will need the most when playing a competitive match or playing recreationally. Contact us today and we will show you how to hit perfect forehand and backhands and turn you into the player you want to be!

Chula Vista Tennis Lessons Tennis Tip: The Serve

Our Chula Vista tennis lessons instructors are highly qualified to teach you the one stroke that is the hardest of all to learn and that is the SERVE! Part of the reason the serve is so difficult is you are trying to do two things at once; Tossing the ball with your left hand (if you’re a right handed player) and then hitting the ball with your racquet with your right hand.  At Chula Vista tennis lessons we try to teach the serve in two parts. First we work on the toss. We always say, “If you can’t toss, you can’t serve!” We will show you several tossing drills that will help you improve the height and accuracy of your toss. We like the toss to be in the one o’clock position so that you can make a consistent hit on the ball every time. Once you learn the toss, then you’re ready to work on the swing. One easy drill to work on your swing is practice throwing a football. Throwing a football is the same motion as hitting a serve. Once you get comfortable at the swing you’re ready to start practicing your serve. We recommend each student practice 20 minutes of serving each week. If you don’t have access to a tennis court, then grab a football and throw it around!

FAQ…..How many lessons should I take?

At Chula Vista tennis lessons we get asked this question a lot, “How many lessons should I take?” The answer really depends on one thing: What are your goals? Some students at Chula Vista tennis lessons have goals of playing competitive tennis. Whether that is making their high school team, playing USTA league tennis or becoming a tennis professional. If you’re not in that group, then you’re most likely trying to learn tennis to play recreationally with friends. In both scenarios we recommend taking a one hour private lesson per week. After taking 20 lessons we can get you ready to play recreationally with friends. If you have loftier goals then taking 100-200 lessons per year is the recommend amount of lessons to reach your goals.  Tennis is a very technical sport and students need a lot of instruction to improve. At Chula Vista tennis lessons we pride ourselves on making lessons affordable. Call and ask about our discounted lessons packages today!