Del Mar tennis lessons, where the “Turf meets the Surf”! In this affluent seaside community we have instructors who are ready to give you Del Mar tennis lessons! Del Mar tennis lessons are available to all levels and ages. Del Mar is a small community in size, however there are several tennis players in the area. The good news is that after you learn the game of tennis there will be a plethora of players you can play with! Practice will really make the difference between an average player and a great player. Our instructors at Del Mar tennis lessons are equipped to show you the fundamentals, but ultimately it’s up to the player to practice. There are a few tennis clubs in Del Mar and some of them charge a lot of money for lessons. They generally charge $75 for an hour lesson. At Del Mar tennis lessons we are much more competitive. Contact us and find out about our lesson packages!

Del Mar Tennis Lessons: Senior Tennis

More and more senior players are getting involved with tennis. Senior tennis is growing every year. Tennis truly is a sport where you can play into your 70’s. The USTA has competitive tournaments for seniors including the age divisions 60, 65, 70 and 75. Below we have listed a few reasons why you should get involved with senior tennis. It’s never too late!

Doubles: In doubles you share the court with 3 other people, so running and covering space is not really an issue. While most seniors stop playing singles, doubles can be played for a long time. At Del Mar tennis lessons we can teach you doubles strategy. Some of the techniques we will teach you include poaching, lob switch, Australian formation and moving with the ball.

Fitness: Why workout in the gym, when you can get a great workout on the tennis court?! Tennis will push your cardiovascular system and get your heart rate pumping. It is recommend to wear a heart rate monitor if you have any health issues.

-Low Compression balls: A new ball has been invented a few years back in which they have taken air out of the tennis ball which makes the bouncer lower and easy for seniors to hit. The ball slows down in the air therefore rallies are longer. The low compression ball has really drawn a lot more seniors into the game and it’s hear to stay!

Senior tennis has completely different shots and strategy. That’s why getting tennis lessons are so important so you can learn new and different shots. One of the shots you have to learn is the drop shot. Because seniors can’t move well, using the drop shot will allow you to earn easy points and set up yourself for offensive shots. One strategy you want to implore is using angles. When hitting angles you will keep the ball away from your opponent and it makes it hard for them to chase the ball down. There is certain technique you must use when creating angles. Grip and stance are the keys to hitting good angles.