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Encinitas Tennis Lessons presents… Coaching tips for league tennis.

In Encinitas there are a lot of players that play league tennis. League tennis consists of ladies leagues such as The Competitors League, Leah’s League, North Coast Invitational and USTA. Men normally compete in USTA leagues and children play in SSV tournaments, North County Tennis Patrons tournaments and USTA Junior Team tennis. Below is a list of reasons that Encinitas tennis lessons came up to help you get involved in league tennis.

  1. Find the right team– when looking for a league team to join, choose wisely. One of the things you should do is find out who is the team captain. Except for Junior Team Tennis, all the captains are players. Meet with the captain and discuss your place on the team and find out how much playing time you would get. Also discuss the goals of the team. Be careful if the captain says they have a “winning at all cost” mentality, because often times when things get difficult during the season, people’s feelings will get hurt and players won’t get to play. We recommend finding a team where you can get playing time and the team’s goals are to have fun.
  2. Choose the right doubles partner- when selecting a doubles partner make sure you choose someone who you are compatible with. Make sure your personalities mesh and that you communicate on the court well with each other. If you choose a partner based on talent alone, often times you will be disappointed with the results. To win in doubles you need two players working in sync and playing for each other.
  3. Only play for fun– if you have decided to play league tennis because you want to be a world champion, then you should probably quit, because you will certainly be disappointed at some point. Your attitude should be to have fun, get a good work out and meet new friends. If you win, that’s just a bonus. Sometimes if we put winning before everything else, we will often times feel empty and end up quitting tennis.


Encinitas is a beautiful coastal community filled with a lot of tennis players. Let us prepare you and give you the tools you need to compete with the players in your community. At Encinitas tennis lessons we offer a 100% money guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your lesson. So what are you waiting for, give us a call and let’s get the ball rolling with Encinitas tennis lessons!