At Escondido tennis lessons we pride ourselves on providing lessons that are goal orientated, fitness related and most importantly fun! After a brief consultation with one of our Escondido tennis lessons instructors, we will evaluate your goals and discuss a game plan to help you reach your goals. We believe setting goals are very important because it will push you to become a better player. Each student’s goals are always different from each other. The most common goal we get is that a student wants to play their spouse; and most the time they want to be their spouse! We also get a lot of kids who like to be able to play recreationally and make their school team. So whether you’re trying to beat your spouse, or you’re an aspiring junior player, let our Escondido tennis lessons instructors help make your goals become a reality!

Escondido Tennis lessons presents…Fundamentals of tennis

Tennis is a very technical sport and we believe fundamentals are the best way improve your game for the long term. At Escondido tennis lessons we don’t believe in the quick fix. Some coaches will give you tips that will make you better for that day, but it won’t be in your best interest for the long term. We have created three basic fundamentals that you should focus on. These fundamentals mainly apply for beginners, but also can be a great review for intermediate or advanced players.

  1. Grip- think of the grip as the foundation. Without a good foundation, things will fall apart. That’s why learning the proper grip is very important. Our instructors at Escondido tennis lessons will show you the proper grips such as continental, semi-western and eastern all in an effort to make sure you’re playing the game the right way for the long term.
  2. Stance– the stance has definitely progressed throughout the years. Over the last 20 years there has been a shift from “closed” stance, to “open” stance. We teach both stances, but we start with teaching the “closed” stance to beginners. Most advanced level players utilize the “open” stance, but ultimately you should understand both stances and know when to use them.
  3. Swing– similar to the stance, the swing has evolved over the years. 20 years ago the swing was simply bring the racquet straight back and swing straight through. Presently the teaching of the swing is completely different. It has changed to a more circular swing that creates topspin on the ball. We teach the “circle swing” to our students and we have found it’s easy to learn and perfect all levels.



Don’t have a tennis ball, or a court? No problem! Swing your tennis racquet, or what we call “shadow swing” to practice your fundamentals. Apply your basic fundamentals such as grip and stance and practice your swing to improve your confidence. Try swinging in the mirror so you can see the path of the racquet. Make sure your making a circular motion when performing your swing as this is the best we to hit your forehand and backhand!