Located in the heart of San Diego, Mission Valley tennis lessons is your #1 choice for local lessons! Our instructors at Mission Valley tennis lessons are armed and ready to help you reach your goals and dreams. Whether you’re looking to become a recreationally player, or tennis professional, we have the staff to help you get there! We work with beginners, intermediate and advanced level players. There is no player of any age or ability we will not work with. Our Mission Valley tennis instructors are the most passionate and experienced in the business. Give us a call today and let us improve your game to levels you never imagined!

3 Pillars for Mission Valley Tennis Lessons

Our philosophy relies on our three pillars: Fitness, Athleticism and Ball striking.

  1. Fitness- at Mission Valley tennis lessons we believe fitness is the foundation of a good tennis player. Tennis relies on so much physical strength, stamina and endurance that that is why our tennis lessons are geared toward fitness. We believe a fit tennis player is a good tennis player!
  2. Athleticism- some people believe you’re either born with athleticism or you’re not. We beg to differ. We believe becoming a better athlete can be learned and we have the best drills in the world to show you how to improve you’re jumping ability, quickness, reflexes and change of direction. Tennis requires a lot of quick movements and that is why our tennis lessons focus on drills that will help you improve your overall dexterity and athleticism.
  3. Ball striking- the last pillar is the most technical and most important of them all. Fitness and athleticism won’t do you any good if you can’t hit the ball. At Mission Valley tennis lessons we focus on repetition and hard work, so that each player will have no choice but to improve their ball striking. Check out our tennis tip below on ways to practice and improve your ball striking.


Mission Valley Tennis Lessons Tennis Tip for beginners

The key word for beginners is to have patience! I know this is a hard word to comprehend especially since in our world today everything is moving so fast. Tennis is a sport that is very technical and requires a lot of hours to master it. Famous author Malcom Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours to master something. This is not to intimidate you in any way, but it gives you an idea of the dedication it will take to excel at tennis. A few ways you can get close to the 10,000 hours is to hit on a wall, hit on a ball machine or rally with partner. Most elementary or middle schools have large walls you can hit on. Some high schools have hand ball courts that are perfect for hitting. Unless you’re a member at a tennis club it will be hard to hit on a ball machine. If you can’t find anyone to rally with, have a friend or family member toss balls to you on a tennis court and practice your strokes that way. The big thing is log as many hour as possible so you can more comfortable with the racquet and gain confidence in your strokes!