Oceanside tennis lessons provides tennis lessons to players of all ages and abilities. We provide the best tennis instructors in Oceanside. All of our tennis instructors go through a thorough process of being evaluated. After a brief phone conversation with one of our representatives we will pair the best tennis instructor to fit your needs. We work with kids, adults and seniors. Our expertise is in working with beginners. Tennis lessons should be fun so we make sure our lessons include instruction, drills and games. At Oceanside tennis lessons we provide an incredible experience when you take a tennis lesson with us. Our instructors are engaging, positive and most importantly will work hard to get you better!

Oceanside Tennis Lessons

“Do’s and Don’ts”

  • Do: find players that are better then you to practice with. This will only make you strong mentality and physically.
  • Don’t: move up a level if you haven’t won at your current level. For example, if you’re a novice player, don’t move to the higher division of satellite unless you have won a novice tournament. This will only help prepare you for the long run, which is ideal for your tennis career.
  • Do: private lessons once a week. It’s crucial to have a private coach to give you one on one training every week. This will allow you to learn technique and discuss necessary strategy so you can be successful in your matches.
  • Don’t: go back to your old habits. When taking tennis lessons for the first time you will need to break old habits. When you play matches you will want to revert back to your old habits but resist this temptation as it will only prolong your ability to improve and master your new habits.


Oceanside Tennis Lessons Tennis Tip…”To bounce or not to bounce”

Our tennis tip sounds like an old Shakespeare saying, “to be or not to be”, but rather the focus is on the concept of “to bounce or not to bounce”. This is in reference when standing near the service line and the ball is coming towards you. For all you doubles players out there and die hard serve and volleyers you should pay attention to this tip. Let’s imagine you have just hit and approach shot near “no man’s land” (just inside the baseline) and you’re approaching the service line. When you’re nearing the service line and right before you split step, you should be watching the ball to predict where it might land on your side of the court. After you have split stepped, you must make a quick decision whether to play the ball off the bounce or out of the air. There is really no right or wrong answer, but we suggest using caution and take the ball out of the air. Taking the ball out of the air is more aggressive and will keep you moving forward to the net which is the best spot to be. If you take the ball off the bounce, you will remain near the service and close to no man’s land (which is a bad spot to be in). Court position is very crucial when looking at this situation and is something our instructors at Oceanside tennis lessons can show you.

Just remember, whether you take the ball out of the air or off the bounce, you want to be in most advantageous position on the court. Our instructors and Oceanside tennis lessons can show you drills that can help you make a quick decisions and train your decision making when deciding which shot to hit.