Poway tennis lessons offers lessons to beginners, intermediate players and advanced players. Our instructors are equipped to teach students of all abilities and ages. The youngest student we will teach is 4 years old and the oldest is 80! Poway is a community which has seniors as well as a lot of young families. We cater to both of these demographics and excel at working with students who are eager to learn and improve! At Poway tennis lessons we offer a 100 % money back guarantee. We pride ourselves on excellent coaching and that’s why were confident in our guarantee. Our instructors at Poway tennis lessons are excited to work with you. Give us a call and let us go to work for you!

Poway Tennis Lessons: Kids 10 and under tennis!

At Poway tennis lessons we offer kids programs including group clinics and camps. Our group clinic and camps focus on hand eye coordination, balance, agility and fitness. We utilize the USTA junior tennis model called, “10 and under tennis” in our programs. There are many reasons why this model has been successful and we will highlight some of them for you below.

  • Softer balls: the ball used is an orange ball which is lighter and softer then a regular tennis balls. Because the ball is softer the ball will bounce lower and make it easier for kids to hit the ball. Our Poway tennis lessons instructors use this ball in their lessons as it makes rallying the ball much easier for beginners.
  • Smaller racquets: smaller racquets enable kids to maneuver the racquet easier and control the racquet better. Kids racquets range from 19’’ to 23”.
  • Shorter courts: the court is 2/3rds the size of a full court. This enables kids to not have to cover the entire court and make the focus on hitting the ball and not running. Running and hitting is usually an advanced concept that is learned later on in their development when they move to a larger court.
  • Smaller nets: the nets are smaller and roughly half the size of a normal tennis net. This allows kids to be able rally with each other easier. This nets are portable so you can move them around and use them anywhere including a park, basketball court or your backyard. All you need is a hard surface that is paved and you can set up a mini net and play!

FAQ…..When do I switch my child from an orange ball to a regular yellow ball?

At Poway tennis lessons we highly encourage the use of orange balls for kids 10 and under. Kids who become advanced, the orange ball becomes too easy for them and their ready for the yellow ball. So how do you know when to move your child to a regular tennis ball? The answer is, when your child can rally the orange ball proficiently. Your child should be able to hit 10 balls in a row across the net with an orange ball before moving up to the yellow ball. The regular yellow ball is a much harder ball to rally but if your child is ready for the next step, then make the move!