At Rancho Bernardo tennis lessons we provide the best instructors who are ready to go work for you! We have instructors in the communities of Westwood, 4S Ranch, Del Sur, Bernardo Heights and many more. Our instructors at Rancho Bernardo tennis lessons focus on technique, footwork, balance and hand eye coordination. We coach kids aged 4-18 and adults 18 to 70. We offer kids group classes for beginners that are fun and game play orientated. We use low compressional balls to make learning easier for kicx. Low compressional balls bounce lower, therefore making it easier to time the ball and rally with a partner. Ask us about our affordable lesson packages and were ready to go to work for you!

Rancho Bernardo Tennis Lessons Summer Camps

Rancho Bernardo Tennis Lessons provides summer camps for kids! We offer our tennis camp to kids aged 7-18. In our camps we focus on fundamentals, technique and game play. We teach the rules of the game including scoring, and also make sure the kids know the proper etiquette. Below is a list of why your child should sign up for our summer camps!

  1. Fun! – we make our tennis camps all about fun! Games, prizes, tournaments; we have it all! Our instructors have an upbeat positive attitude that is infectious to our students. Our Rancho Bernardo tennis lessons instructors are always encouraging and will never criticize a child. We believe in positive reinforcement and that way everyone has fun and your child will reach his/her potential!
  2. Improvement– our instructors are motivated to make your child better. We care about a students development and will make sure your child is equipped with the right technique, strategy and mental toughness to compete at the highest level.
  3. Fitness – we believe tennis should include various elements of fitness. Running, jumping, sprinting and footwork drills are all a part of our fitness regime. A fit tennis player is a good one. Your child will definitely not be standing around at camp. We can guarantee that!


FAQ…..Private lessons or Group lessons?

We get asked this question a lot and I thought we would answer it for you! We recommend hiring a coach for private lessons at first because the fundamentals need to be learned. For beginner tennis players we recommend private lessons. At Rancho Bernardo tennis lessons we offer a lesson package of five lessons and that is typically the best route to go when introducing the sport to a beginner. One other thing to think about when choosing between private lessons and group lessons is the personality of the student. If the student is quiet, shy, or get’s distracted easily, we recommend private lessons. If the student is outgoing and social then we recommend trying group lessons. We also find that bringing a friend along for your private lesson and making it semi-private lesson can also make the lesson more enjoyable and relaxing. We try to make sure the student is comfortable in whatever lesson he or she chooses. Eventually a good balance between private and group lessons is the best combination to reach your goals!