Rancho Santa Fe tennis lessons are informative, interactive and most importantly educational! At Rancho Santa Fe Tennis lessons, we believe in teaching students the fundamentals that can make you a good player. We focus on the technique of the swing and the mechanics of each stroke. It’s then up to the player, to practice these techniques to become a good player. We encourage all our students to practice at least once a week after their lesson.

Our Rancho Santa Fe tennis lessons are located all around your community. Some of the neighborhoods we will come to in Rancho Santa Fe are Fairbanks Ranch, The Covenant and Cielo. Rancho Santa Fe is a community that has a lot of beautiful country clubs and unless you’re a member at club you cannot take lessons. That’s why hiring us important! We have more competitive lesson rates compared to private clubs. We are a company who is mobile and will come to you if you have a private court. If you don’t have a court, we have access to tennis courts that are very close to Rancho Santa Fe. We typically don’t make our clients drive more then 20 minutes for their lesson and most lessons are within a 10-15 minute drive.

Our Rancho Santa Fe tennis lessons coaches are properly equipped you to teach the fundamentals. We believe that there are a few fundamentals that are imperative if you want to improve your game.

The 3 “P’s” to greatness!

Preparation: Separation is in the preparation. That means you must prepare yourself mentally and physically with your tennis if you want to separate yourself amongst your peers. We get a lot of phone calls of clients who say they want to beat their friends. The #1 thing we always tell them is, “prepare”. Preparation has nothing to do with talent. It has everything to do with work ethic and will. Start preparing today!

Practice: In order to become a good player you must practice. As they say, “practice makes perfect”. Tennis is a very repetitive game where the same shots are hit over and over. Sports such as soccer are easy to learn the technique, but mastering the technique in tennis can take several hours. Don’t be discouraged, but Malcolm Gladwell says it can take 10,000 hours to master a skill!

Patience: If you prepare and practice, the last thing you must do is have patience. As we mentioned earlier, becoming a great tennis player doesn’t happen right away. It will take hours of practice to become the player you want to be. Stay positive, work hard and be patient and the results will come!

Rancho Santa Fe tennis lessons client review

“My husband and I hired Rancho Santa Fe tennis lessons for a private lesson to learn the basics of tennis. We wanted to do an activity we could both do together and both enjoy. The coach was great at explaining the game and giving us some great pointers on improving our game. It was a lot of fun and he made us sweat! (which is good!) -Kelly