San Marcos Tennis Lessons, your number #1 choice for local tennis lessons. At San Marcos tennis lessons we will come teach you at your court or you can come to one of our locations. Our staff is excited and eager to work with you! You have a lot of options when looking for the perfect tennis instructor, but we feel our team is highly motivated and equipped to help you reach your tennis goals!

San Marcos is a rich tennis community filled with a lot of tennis players! Our instructors come highly trained and will provide you with tennis lessons like you have never experienced before. We pride ourselves on providing superlative customer service and a passion for teaching. There is no risk in trying a lesson with us, as we offer a 100% money back guarantee! Please give us a call and schedule a lesson with one of our representatives.


Why Chose San Marcos Tennis Lessons?

  1. Selection Process– each instructor at San Marcos tennis lessons is selected based on criteria set forth by the student. After a brief phone consultation, we will match the best instructor that will fit our student’s needs. We have male and female instructors and the most experienced staff in all of San Marcos.
  2. Goal Orientated- A lot of tennis instructors fail in that they don’t help set goals with their students. At San Marcos tennis lessons we discuss with each student their goals and put together a plan to help achieve them. Our tennis instructors are committed to your improvement and will work hard for you each and every lesson.
  3. Proven Results- we are proud to say that our students get better when they take tennis lessons from our instructors. Our students continue to take lessons from us because of the results they have achieved on the court. We are confident you will enjoy tennis lessons with us as well. Our reviews speak for themselves.


San Marcos Tennis Lessons tip for high school players

There are several hundreds of high school players all through San Diego County. When kids are not in the middle of their season on their high school team we encourage students to take one private lesson a week and one clinic. However, when the student is not in season, we recommend scheduling one match with another player per week. The big thing for high school level players to do is to focus on playing a lot of matches. Tennis lessons can only do so much. Students must test their skills and the best way to do that is to compete. Another way to get more matches is to sign up for tournaments. In San Diego County there are several tournaments throughout the year. Register for a USTA membership and get involved in your local community or even join a Junior Tennis Team (JTT) at your local tennis club. In review, try to find a local tennis tournaments to play in, join the USTA and find a JTT team to play on, and seek out players you can play with. Now you’re ready to take your game to the next level. Good luck!