At Solana Beach tennis lessons we provide coaches who are safe, positive and fun! Our instructors are equipped and ready to improve your game. We offer private lessons, semi-private lessons, group classes and camps. Our expertise is working with beginners, but we will also work with players of all abilities. At Solana Beach tennis lessons we teach kids ages 4 and up. We utilize low compression, soft tennis balls when working with kids as we have found it’s easier for kids to learn when using these balls. With all our tennis offerings, give us a call and let’s find something that works for you.

Solana Beach Tennis Lessons Keys to choosing the right Coach

When choosing your tennis instructor you should consider a few things before making this decision. This can be a very important decision because your coach can stay with you for years, so it’s important to make the right choice. Here at Solana Beach tennis lessons we have a roster full of competent coaches. However, each coach was vetted and evaluated and fits our coaching philosophy. You will have to do the same when selecting your coach. Here a few tips to think about when making that choice.

  1. Do your homework- ask around about your coach. Find out who he or she has coached. Read reviews and see if their personality will mesh with yours. You will be spending hours and hours with this person so it’s important that you do your homework and find the coach that be in for the long term.
  2. Find out their ambition- we find that a lot of tennis coaches are in it just for the money and not fully invested in their students growth as a player. Listen to what your coach says and after a few lessons you will be begin to notice if their fully invested in your growth. If they seem committed to your long term growth then you have a keeper. If there not, then move on find another one.
  3. Don’t stay too long– we see students stay with the wrong coach for too long. There is a point in relationship with a coach and student that the student hits the wall and isn’t improving anymore. This is very common and when this happens take a break from your coach and hire a new one. At Solana Beach tennis lessons we have a roster full of coaches so contact us and we can provide another coach if this happens to you.


FAQ….Where does the tennis lesson take place?

Tennis lessons can take place on your private court, your community’s court, your apartment complex or one of our various locations. We generally don’t make our students drive more than 20 minutes to their lessons. We may use locations that are close to Solana Beach such as Encinitas or Carmel Valley. The tennis courts that we use are safe and in nice communities. We charge $5 dollars extra if we travel to your location. Contact one of our Solana Beach tennis lessons representatives to find out more information on pricing in your area.